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The American Society of Oriental Research, often abbreviated as ASOR is one of the leading organizations in Dead Sea Scrolls Scholarship. They were one of the first organizations to gain access to any copies of the Dead Sea Scrolls and still serve as leading members of the scholarly team.

The ASOR Scrolls[edit]

Among the first Dead Sea Scrolls to be studied were those that were donated to the ASOR organization including:

  • A complete manuscript of the book of Isaiah that differs remarkably from the medieval copies (1QIsaa)
  • The Community Rule which documents the basic underpinnings of the Qumran sect. It is sometimes referred to as The Discipline Rule.
  • Pesher Habakkuk which is a commentary on the biblical book of Habakkuk.
  • Genesis Apocryphon - an expansive retelling of portions of the book of Genesis written in Aramaic.